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Hello & Welcome , warmest greetings to everyone who has entered our website or is reading this Blog from another source!

So what are we about? Why are we different to all the other brands out there ? Why should you buy our product?

So my name is Mel , I am the founder of Believe & Achieve Activewear, being a fitness instuctor myself has given me a great insight to many different brands over the years, I could not find any leggings that had all of the qualities that I wanted for fitness Leggings , lots are squat proof, lots are funky, lots are many different things but i could not find any that encompassed everything that I personally wanted at a affordable price.

After sustaining a elbow injury meaning that I could no longer work at my regular job as a hairdresser , I got thinking ! What would it take to create my own brand, encompassing all of the qualities that I was looking for ?

Now do not get me wrong I was already teaching multiple fitness classes a day , 6 days a week so I was pretty busy , but that time when I should have been at the salon ,I used to look into building this brand. I can assure you this is not for the faint hearted , very many hours of research, designing, e mailing , telephone calls to stumble at the first hurdle , however I was determined to make this happen !

so I kept going , eventually I found a manufacturer who produced samples to my specification and the quality that I was looking for .

Now it takes very many months to go from design in principle , to making samples then into mass production. I will accept only the highest quality to my specifications if something is not correct then I will not mass produce until the samples are just right , all samples are made in my size and I personally test them prior to mass production. this in turn does take longer but it ensures quality , I would not want to produce something that I would not be willing to wear teaching my group fitness classes. Providing you choose the correct size these leggings in my opinion are some of the most comfortable that you will ever wear! The high elasticated waist stays put and does not budge! Being a size 6 I found it impossible to find any leggings that stayed up whilst teaching rebounding, the drawstring ones i had to tie so tight they hurt my tummy, the elastic in other brands didnt quite cut it !

Why Believe & Achieve quite simply because if you believe enough you can achieve anything !

My vision for this brand is quite simply for everyone to Believe in themselves and have a little confidence. I wanted to produce a brand that made everyone feel good when they were wearing it !

As you will see from our website , we have used mostly real women for our photoshoots , I wanted to keep this brand real , My daughter Emilia and myself feature heavily in the photos along with real participants from my fitness classes, we do also have a few fitness models and fellow instructors .

So moving forwards I have many designs in the pipeline, many new products to add the the ranges, many exciting new things to come !

Obviously Covid 19 has put a halt on production but hopefully we will get underway soon.







WELCOME TO OUR SECOND BLOG! So I am now officially a blogger !

Hope you are all keeping well in these trying times! so things are slowly starting to return to the NEW normal ! whatever that may be ! For some of you that will be meaning that you are returning to work, kids a starting to return to some kind of schooling ! For me Im not sure things will ever quite be the same again ! Long time before I am going to be able to run my classes again at some kind fully booked level! However it has given me time to get cracking more with this side of things, looking into lots of ways to grow this business and add lots of different pivots to the website! Im still teaching fitness classes online just 5 classes a week live , but this is actually quite hard work ! watching yourself on the screen rather than you participants and we dont have a lot of space here so it is a little tricky ! However its within my nature to make the best of every opportunity and laugh in the face of adversity! We have lots of exciting things coming! As you can see we have just launched a boutique style range of swimwear , suitable for all luxury embelished barely there bikinis to more elegant one piece swimsuits.

Lots more exciting stuff in the pipeline!!! I have 25 more activewear designs ready to go! Just production has taken a battering like the rest of the world!!! see you all soon ! Head over and subscribe to our newsletter to receive a exclusive discount until 21 june on our swimwear!!


Well its July already , not that I think any of us really know what day, month or time it is at the moment ! This covid 19 sure taking its toll on lots of things!! so with face masks now mandatory in all shops and public places bag yourself a free one by signing up to our newsletter !! You will be sent a code to grab yourself a free animal print face mask , code valid until 15th August , if you dont receive a email it could be because you signed up after the bulk e mail was sent, message me for your code!!!

we have been very busy behind the scenes here, taking photos all over the place, finding venues for new photo shoots, I have been very busy sourcing different products from different factories and having samples of all sorts made and sent to me !! as you know only the best is good enough and I have had many samples made and they have not been quite up to my exacting standards , so we go back to the drawing board until they are, I will only produce things that I would be happy to wear myself!! As a fitness instructor i have very high standards and expectations for my fitness wear!!!

If you are following us on social media you will no doubt have seen that we have recently launched a private label swimwear collection , which is a little bit quirky , we currently have lots more stuff on its way to us!! it just takes so long to produce, ship and get it just right!!!

so over the last couple of months we have added our private label swimwear collection, we have added custom resistance bands, we have added our absolute seamless collection. we have lots and lots of exciting things heading your way !!

we have many designs in the process of being made !!

unfortunaly covid 19 has had toll on us all all over the world!!

we will also be adding a fitness tips page !! keep following !!! subscribe to our newsletter to receive a birthday discount code and lots more !!!

keep following and thank you for your on going support!!!

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